Religious Building Appraisal Services

religious buildingAppraisals of religious properties, such as churches, synagogues, cathedrals, temples and mosques are one of our firm's special areas of expertise. Whether needed for purchase or sale, refinancing, renovation or expansion projects, insurance, not-for-profit financial reporting, litigation or internal planning and management decisions, your State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser will provide you with an accurate, reliable appraisal to meet your particular needs.

A house of worship is one of the most difficult and challenging types of commercial property to appraise, therefore it is critical to select an expert with specialized knowledge and expertise in this area to ensure an unimpeachable valuation.

Although less numerous than other types of commercial property, religious properties are a fairly large chunk of the commercial real estate market, numbering around 345,000 in the U.S.

Religious Properties Require a Different Approach

Since most religious buildings are owner-occupied rather than rented, and also because of their not-for-profit status, the income approach to valuation generally used for commercial property is not appropriate for religious property. Your appraiser, therefore, will select either the sales comparison and/or the cost approach to determine the value of your religious property.

After an initial consultation, your appraiser will schedule a site visit, to inspect the facility, note and analyze any salient features, along with the property location, size, framing, condition, fixtures and finishes, and general quality of the construction. All of our appraisers are discreet, respectful, and sensitive to many different religious customs and practices, and will conduct the inspection with utmost tact and sensitivity. Afterwards, the appraiser will utilize the results of the findings, research and analysis in order to calculate a fair and accurate valuation for your property.

Custom-Tailored Appraisal Report Formats

Our firm offers a number of different reporting formats for your appraisal, and we will gladly tailor it to meet your particular needs as well as your congregation's budget. Whichever format you choose, rest assured that your appraisal will meet all applicable local, state and federal appraisal guidelines and regulations, as well as conforming to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Call today and schedule a free consultation, and one of our religious property appraisal experts will be happy to discuss how we can tailor an appraisal report of your property to meet your congregation's needs.

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