Industrial Property / Warehouse Appraisal Services

industrial propertyOur firm has a great deal of experience in conducting property appraisals of numerous types of industrial properties, including distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities of all types, industrial parks, cold storage facilities and more.

All of our general real estate appraisers are certified in the State of Illinois and have many years of experience in providing industrial real estate appraisals for the purposes of purchase, sale, financing, litigation, estate planning, divorce or partnership disputes/dissolution and various other situations.

During your free consultation with one of our experienced industrial property appraisal specialists, we will go over the details of your property, the type and intended use of the appraisal required, the overall scope of the work and the final format in which you desire to have your appraisal reported.

Once you have retained our firm to conduct the appraisal, your appraiser will schedule a site visit for the formal inspection, to determine the percentage of finished office space, overall gross building area, ceiling heights, loading facilities, floor load capacities, HVAC system, parking capacity, fire protection equipment, ease of ingress, egress and maneuvering space for large trucks, and any surplus land included, among other considerations.

Required Documentation

As part of the appraisal process, your appraiser will need to see a number of documents, depending on the type of property and how it is used, which may include rental agreements, income and expense reports and other important information relative to the daily operation, income and expenses and any other relevant information. Your appraiser will let you know during your initial consultation what documentation will be needed to complete the appraisal.

The method of valuation used for your industrial property will depend on the type of property and its use. Owner-occupied property such as manufacturing and special use industrial facilities will need to be evaluated using the sales comparison approach, while leased, multi-tenant properties may be evaluated using the income approach with the sales comparison method as backup. For new construction projects, the cost approach may be employed as a secondary indicator to one of the other two methods.

Customized Reporting Formats

Your appraiser can customize your appraisal report format to your specific needs and budget considerations. In accordance with our high professional standards, all of our reports conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), and meet the requirements of all local, state and federal appraisal guidelines and regulations that apply.

Call our office today and schedule your free consultation with one of our industrial property appraisal experts, to discuss your specific property and appraisal reporting requirements.

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